Being able to add attachment files to the patient records stored at your veterinary software is very important. Provet Cloud allows you to add any number of attachment files (such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, XLS, XLSX) to the client or patient records.

The attachment functionality is available under the “Notes & Communication” section of each patient & client file.   When you scroll down to the Notes & Communication heading, you will see the “+ Add” button. By clicking the button it is possible to start adding the Notes & Communication item containing the actual attachment file(s).

Notes & Communication section
Attachment files can be added to the Notes & Communication section available at the patient and client file.

When adding the Notes & Communication item, you can input the description of the attachment to the Title and Note fields. The actual attachment file or files can be then added by dragging & dropping it into the attachment area, or clicking the area to activate the browse tool.

Adding attachments to the Notes & Communication section
Adding attachments to the Notes & Communication section