You are able to create automated reminders for your clients to remind them for upcoming vaccination, health check or other appointment.

Enable Reminders in Settings > Department > Reminder settings

Provet Cloud   SettingsReminder

Add Reminder Template and Creation Rules in Settings >Reminders


Add first the Title for the template for example Vaccination reminder, Health Care Check or Tooth Check. Insert the template text by using the placeholders (on the right) to pick up the patient name, expiry date (date when the vaccination will latest need to be renewed) and your clinic’s contact information. By using the placeholders the details will be automatically placed to the reminder message.


Create the sending rules for the Reminders after the template. Name the Rule for example Annual Vaccination Reminder and add the template you want to use. Set what is the triggering rule: is it when you added the treatment item on consultation or when the invoice was paid. Select if you want to send the reminder by e-mail or by text message. If you want to send both, you can do that as well. Set how many days it is to the expiration day – for example 365 days for next Rabies vaccination or 3 months ie 90 days to next Senior Health Care Check etc. Then set how many days before the expiry date you want the reminder to be sent – for example 10 days prior the expiry leaves 10 days for the Client to book appointment with you. Last you create the Condition on which the reminder is sent – one or more. For example you may want to send invitation to all dogs and cats who are to have their teeth checked, with the condition of age 5 years or more. This enables you also to do marketing campaings based on age, species etc.

You are able to check the Reminder queue from Clients&Patients > Reminders . New reminders will be automatically added to the list if a created reminder rule is triggered.

Reminder queue