With the Provet Cloud Shifts and Appointment feeds you can easily see your upcoming events from any device. Feeds are exported in iCalendar format that is supported by all major calendar providers such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal. Note that Calendar feed may not necessarily be real time depending on the calendar you use, the settings of the calendar and the internet connection availability.

Calendar feeds are disabled by default. To enable them go to User profile (click your name on right upper corner) > Feeds and tick the selection box for shift calendar and/or appointment calendar.

After you’ve enabled the feeds, you can import them into your calendar by copying the desired feed’s URL address and pasting it into the calendar of your choice’s import field. Appointments and shifts are in two separate feeds so if you’ll want to display them both, you’ll need to paste both URL’s.

Importing a feed into iCal

  • Check the ‘enable calendar feeds’ box
  • Copy the Feed URL by clicking the link (Shifts or Appointments)
  • In iCal, go to File > New Calendar Subscription
  • Paste the Feed URL into the field that pops up
  • Click Subscribe, and you’ll then be able to set some preferences (how frequently you want the calendar to update etc)
  • iCal will auto-refresh the sync depending on your settings, up to every 5 minutes

Importing a feed into Google Calendars

  • Check the ‘enable calendar feeds’ box
  • Copy the Feed URL by clicking the link on the right (Shifts or Appointments)
  • On Google Calendars, go to Other Calendars on the left and click the little arrow facing down to open Options page
  • Click Add by URL. Paste the Feed URL, then click Add Calendar

Please note that Google Calendar may fetch your feeds as infrequently as every 8 hours so you may not be able to see recently added items in your calendar until next update.