Regular communication with your Clients improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You have the option to communicate with a Client directly from Provet Cloud. For example, you can send SMS messages and e-mail reminders for forthcoming vaccinations or health checks, mail the satisfaction questionnaire or home treatment advice after the Consultation visit.


Sending attachments

You are also able to send attachments such as laboratory results sheet or referral opinion to your client from Patient > Tools > Send e-mail.

First the file you want to attach needs to be uploaded to Notes and Communication of the Patient (drag and drop or e-mail to your own provet e-mail).

Provet Cloud - sending attachements by email


After the attachment is in Notes and Communications, you can select Tools > Send e-mail from the green button on right-hand side. The files in the patient Notes and Communications will be listed. Select the ones you want to send.

Provet Cloud send attachements