Star CloudPRNT compatible printers can be integrated into Provet Cloud. CloudPRNT allows Provet Cloud to print out documents directly and control how many copies will be produced. The printer does not need to be attached to the same machine or the same network as the computer / browser operating Provet Cloud.



  • Star Printer with HI X interface card
  • Printer is configured to use CloudPRNT and connect to the internet address specified in the provet Cloud’s integration settings section
  • Printer is connected to the internet via ethernet cable or Wifi
  • (optional) drivers and USB connection to a local computer to use the device like a regular printer



TSP 654II is a basic thermal receipt printer that supports Star CloudPRNT. If you need some additional features check out other compatible Star devices. Note that Some devices have multiple models, some which might not include the required HI X interface card. eg. some TSP654II models contain bluetooth or usb interface card instead of HI X.


Provet Cloud setting

Cloud printing settings can be found under Settings>Integrations. Server url can be seen under the section.

Figure 1 Cloud printing settings

Printer can be added by pressing the button. Printer get’s a username and password. Username needs to be unique for each printer in the system.

Figure 2 Cloud printer add dialog

Name/designation is a text that is shown in Provet Cloud’s menus and can be freely changed even later on. Username and password are configured into the device.

Device configuration

Device can be configured by attaching it to a local network and then accessing its web User interface. The configuration can be performed before the Printer is placed on a clinic.

1. Connect the device to a local network with an ethernet cable

2. Print the device and network information on a paper. (You can skip this step if you can determine the devices local IP address some other way) This requires that a receipt roll is present on the printer)
2.1. keep the feed button pressed down and flip the power switch, while still holding the feed button down
2.2. release the feed button when the Printer starts printing. This printout contains some device information
2.3. When the lights stop blinking. The device has found the network and will print out a second piece of paper containing the local IP address for the device

3. (if you skipped step 2. flip the power switch on) Open a web browser and type in the Printer’s local IP address.

4. Press Login to gain access to additional features. Default login username: root , default password: public. Change the default username / password to something else.

5. Navigate to CloudPRNT section

6. Enable the service. Fill The server URL, username and password

7. Press submit and choose to save the configuration after that (this will reboot the device)


Open an invoice on Provet Cloud and open the submenu from the print button.

External links

1. Star’s HI X interface card brochure. Lists compatible devices

2. Star Manuals including the hardware manuals

3. Star’s manual for configuring CloudPRNT with pictures.