Background & general concept

Connecting laboratory instruments directly to your Provet Cloud gives you and your clinic several advantages: automated connections speed up the work at the clinic, makes saving of the results to patient records error-free and this way enables higher quality of care for your pets. With this integration, the laboratory result data is automatically imported to the patient records as real data values (not text). This means that Provet Cloud can in fact analyse this data and highlight out of range values in red colour.

By utilising scil vIP software developed by scil animal care company, several different analysers by various manufacturers can be connected to the Provet Cloud. These analysers include the following laboratory devices available at the time of this publication (list expands all the time):

To set up this connectivity, a license to scil vIP software is required. To acquire the license to the scil vIP software, contact your local scil representative. If a local scil representative is not available, please discuss with Provet Cloud support – we can acquire the license for you from our local reseller.

scil-sample-idConnectivity with scil vIP software is unidirectional. This means, that this connection can transfer the results from the analyser to your Provet Cloud. The results are matched to the patient based on the laboratory referral number.  This referral number is given to you by Provet Cloud when you add new laboratory request to the patient’s consultation.  While starting a new analysis with a laboratory analyser, you then need to input this referral number to the device by using the device’s keypad/touch screen. This number may be called also sample ID, run number or analysis ID, depending on the analyser you are using. In addition to sample ID, the patient id may also be used as additional id.

Next steps of the connection are to connect the analyser physically to one of your clinic’s computers. This computer needs to be running the Windows operating system, since the software needs to be installed on a Windows computer. If you are uncertain about the cabling setup, consult your local IT specialist, your analyser provider, or Provet Cloud support.

1. Physically connecting analyser and a computer

Connecting analysers to Provet Cloud by using scil vIP always requires connecting the laboratory equipment physically to one of your clinic’s computers running Windows operating system. Connection is made with a USB or serial port cable or through your local network.  If your analyser connects through serial port, you may also need a USB-to-serial converter, since many modern computers do not have serial ports built in.

When choosing a computer for the connectivity, please choose a computer which is fairly close to the laboratory analysers. This is handy, since you should be able to use the computer while analysing the samples.  This computer should also be always on when you are analysing samples, since it will be running the connectivity software.

Type of the connection is always specific to each different analyser model. Please contact the provider of your laboratory analyser and ask how to physically connect your analyser to your computer.  When you have this information, please follow the instructions given for you by analyser provider, and connect the cables and install possible drivers. Analysers may also need some connectivity setting adjustments at the device settings. Verify these settings from your analyser provider.

Multiple analysers can be connected to one computer. It is just required that the computer has enough ports to connect all analysers.

2. Installing scil vIP software and Provet<-> Scil vIP software

When the physical connections are ready, you may proceed to the installation of the software. Check that the laboratory equipment is turned on. Two pieces of software need to be installed on the computer connected to laboratory equipment: 1) scil vIP software and 2)scil vIP <-> Provet connector software.

scil vIP CD diskScil vIP license is delivered as CD disk. Please put the CD in your computer’s CD drive (or use external CD drive, if you do not have built-in CD drive), and start the install process by following the instructions inside the CD cover.  Proceed with the installation process in the normal way. You do not need to install the scil viP Manager, just the console part of the program.

When scil vIP is installed, You can then download the Provet Cloud <-> Scil vIP connector from the following URL:

    (Note: Username and password will be provided by Provet Cloud support – ask for them from

Download the installer and start the ScilvIPProvet installation. Follow the installer with normal installation steps, and accept the default folders for the installation. Once the install is ready, proceed to the next step.

3. Setting up Scil vIP settings

Next step is to set up your analyser settings with scil vIP console. Once you have finished the installation, you should see a scil vIP console icon (two-headed arrow) in the Windows task bar at the down right corner of the desktop. When you click that icon with right mouse button, you should see a menu with some options. When opening the program first time, you may see this in the German language, but the language can be changed later.  Choose option “scil vIP Console öffnen” / “Open scil vIP Console”.  When using the program for the first time, it may ask you for the license code. Please enter it from the CD cover, and continue with online registration.

scil-vip-setupOnce you have opened the scil vIP console, the program may ask for a general password to access scil vIP console. You can get the password from your local scil reseller or from Provet Cloud support.  When the Scil vIP Console window has opened, you may want to click the Update button to verify you have the latest version. Update to the most recent version is recommended. From the Options dialog you may change the program language to English or another preferred language listed.

At the “Export settings” please check the “Active” checkbox. From the drop-down menu “Interface” select option “File”. Leave the Export Directory as default (C:\scil vIP data).

Next step is to set up the analysers from the Devices button. You can add new devices with the plus icon. While adding a new device, program will ask password, which you can get from your scil vIP Provider. This special password is valid only for one day, so please add all the devices you have at your clinic at the same time.

Scil vIP general device settingsWhen you have added the device, see the “Instrument settings” box. Activate the device by checking the “Active” field there. In this box you may also see information about the settings for the analyser’s internal settings (you may edit these settings with the analyser’s own menus).

Under “Active interface” subject there is a box where the technical connection settings are. Most of them can be left as they are. With serial port and USB connections need to edit at least the COM port number. You can see the COM port in use from Windows control panel’s device manager.  You may also want to consult your analyser provider regarding these settings.

When you have added all the devices, please save settings with the disc icon. After saving the settings, scil vIP will recommend reinitializing the program – accept this and reinitialize. Now the physical connectivity for the analysers is ready

4. Setting up Provet <-> Scil viP connection settings

scil-vip-provet-iconWhen you have installed Provet <-> Scil vIP connector, you should have a “ScilvipProvet” icon in your Windows dashboard. Click on that icon, which will start the program.

Go to the settings tab at the top of the window. From there you see the menu shown in the image below. Open your Provet Cloud in a web browser, and log in the as administrative user. Go to the “Settings” -> “Integrations” and enable Scil vIP connection by ticking the box. Enter the desired password, and save it to your records. Copy and paste the Scil vIP URL address to the “Provet Lab-Server url” field in the program settings and add the same password you set in Provet Cloud to the password field.

Please also go to the “About” tab, and check “Application autostart” box. Go back to the Settings, and save the settings.


Connecting laboratory analysers to veterinary software Provet Cloud is now ready.

5. Testing & using the connection

To test this connectivity, first make sure, that you have some laboratory items in your items list. Then start a new consultation to one of your test patients.  Add a laboratory test to this consultation by clicking the plus icon after “Laboratory” subtitle. When you have added a laboratory test, you then see a referral number in the table (rounded with red colour in the image below).  While starting the analysis with the analyser, input it to your analyser device as instructed by the device provider.


Most analysers send the results immediately to the computer when the results are ready at the analyser.  When the analysis has ended, the scil vIP program receives the results, and you should see a small info box informing you about this on the lower right corner at the computer screen.
Immediately after this, the scil vIP <-> Provet connectivity program transfers this result to your Provet Cloud.

When the results are in Provet Cloud, you can see them immediately from the patient file. Below is an example of these results.

Now you should be able to automatically transfer the results from your analyser to Provet Cloud. Make sure that everyone in your clinic knows how to use the referral number. It must be always input to the laboratory analyser while starting a new analysis so that the connectivity can work.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Provet Cloud support through the in-app messenger or via email

Additional appendixes regarding the instruments connectable with scil vIP: