Consultations will be processed through inspection, diagnosis and treatment procedures and finished with an invoice.

Clinical notes may be written on the spot or with the help of preset templates, which are editable in settings. Preset templates will help your personnel to follow agreed processes for clinical examination, procedures or discharge notes.  This will speed up the documentation and helps to maintain equal quality in all steps of the patient care process.

Clinical notes are followed with information on possible diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests, diagnosis decision and treatment procedures. Further, the given medicine or supplies may be added to patient treatment file by collecting them from the earlier created lists (creation in settings) or templates. Templates for frequent procedures such as teeth cleaning, vaccinations or castrations may be created in New-Estimate . Connectivity to leading diagnostic equipment and laboratory houses are available for direct order or receipt of diagnostic results into the patient treatment file.

All the input procedures, diagnostics, medicines, supply or food are automatically collected to invoice, which follows the consultation. This means you only need to input the information once.


Consultation 2

Consultation 3


Consultation 4

The invoice may be printed directly from the consultation or released to reception desk for additional food or supply purchase. Transparency of billing and treatment procedures helps to increase trust and customer satisfaction.