You can take reporting and account codes into use in Settings.
The cost center reporting is available for defined subscription levels. Please contact support to enable the function.

  1. Reporting Dimension 1 is enabled in Settings > Organisation > Use reporting dimensions. The reporting dimension 1 is connected with the wards of the department – could be described as Cost Center.
    For example if you are a Small Animal Hospital with wards for Canine, Feline and Exotic animals you may use reporting dimension for these different wards. Or you can go even more detailed and use Canine internal medicine, Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology etc.
  2. Select also “Require reporting dimension 1 on every invoicerow” to use the reporting dimensions on the item usage level.
  3. Name the Ward as used in your hospital or practice, for example Service.


4. Go to Settings > Items & Lists > Lists and add (+Add) the list type Reporting dimension 1 for example with the name Cost Centers. Save.


5. Click the new link Cost Centers and add (+Add) the cost centers.

6. Go to Settings > General > Department settings > Wards and create the wards including the cost centers.

Service cost center


7. In Consultation General info always use the appropriate Cost Center to direct the costs to the cost center.

Cost Center in Consultation


You are also able to report item sales on cost center and account code level. See related instructions how to create account codes for sales items:  Sales items – Reporting