You can create credit note from an existing invoice. A credit note is an invoice that you create to amend a previous invoice issued to a client.

An example use case is when a price needs to be corrected or you notice a human error in the amount input or even the item itself needs to be switched to another one after the original invoice was finalized. Credit note often reduces incorrect items from the previous invoice, which causes the total sum of a credit note is negative.

You can start the creation of Credit note from Clients&Patients > Invoices > Select the invoice you want to correct.  Click then “Credit Note” button and a credit note invoice will be proposed. You can then examine the contents, correct the possibly faulty amounts, change items or even add more products to it, just like you can with invoices created from a consultation or counter sale. The stock will be updated according to your request. After finalizing the invoice, you can then repay the money to the client. A credit note affects your sales reports etc. just like a normal invoice would.

Below you see an example of an original invoice (#111500044).

Credit Note, Invoice Correction

In this example, the Client changed his mind about buying the Specific Allergy Management food (74,94€) after payment and returned it to reception. The original invoice (#111500044) is opened and Credit Note is created. Below the Specific Allergy Management food, 1 pcs at 74,94€, is marked to be credited and added back to stock by ticking the box on the right.

Create Credit Note


Save, and the Credit Invoice is drafted. In the Draft phase, you can still add any additional items to the invoice.

Credit Invoice Draft

Credit Invoice

As you can see the Invoice Total Sum is -74,94 euros, which shows the amount of refund to your client.

The Credit Invoice is marked as Counter Sale invoice and is visible on the invoice list as any other invoice; you can track the original invoice from the credit invoice and vice versa and the reports will be updated as needed.