In addition to the Item type discounts it is possible to add more detailed discount schemes with rules. Please contact support to enable the discount schemes.
Available for Pro subscriptions and above

Discount schemes allow you to define rules which will be used automatically to give discounts in consultations, counter sales and estimates. The system will always choose the largest possible discount applicable.

To add a new discount scheme go to Settings > Items&Lists > Discount scheme.

Then click +Add 


A modal appears. There you can name the discount and main discount % and define when and to whom the discount is given, and the items it covers. It is also possible to set quantity break discounts for the items.


General Information

This is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll enter in the name of the discount. Be sure to give it a name that describes it accurately. “Discount” or “Special” isn’t really going to do it. We’re going to name this one: Employee Discount (10%)

The default discount is 10%, and we’ll limit it to the items we want to discount it to in a moment.

Minimum sum is used if you want to say that for a discount to be applied, the invoice row item has to equal a certain amount. We are going to set it to 1£. This means that any line item that doesn’t equal 1£ or more will not get a discount. A 50p item will remain at 50p.


Define when the discount can be applied. Start and end dates allow you to define when your discount is active. Discounts that fall outside the dates are considered inactive. You can also optionally specify weekdays and times when the discount is active by clicking on “Add rule”. All rules must be matched for a discount to apply, so adding rules “Valid only: Friday” and “Not valid: Friday” will cancel each other out and make the discounts never apply.

It is possible to re-activate a discount by changing the validity time. The filters Active, Inactive and Archived enables reuse of old schemes, for example for periodical campaigns.

When saved the discount will be listed in the schemes list.