Entering New Stock and Inventory

(updated 06.06.20818)

Inventory management is available in all paid subscription levels

Adding existing stock items

Go to Settings –>Items & Lists –> Stock

To add to existing stock, enter the item in the search bar

Matching items will automatically populate below.

Select the + icon to add (or remove) items from stock.

In this window (above) you can make your selection to either Add to stock, Remove from Stock or to set levels for alerts.

If you tick the Update prices box, then the window expands as you see above, allowing you to change pricing or other information.

When you have filled in the desired information, select Save and the inventory is updated.

To Add New Inventory Item

Go to Settings –> Items & Lists –> Items

At the Item module, select the green Add item button

And make your selection from the drop-down menu as to what you want to enter:

We select to add a medicine, and you’ll get the informational screen. Fill out the information requested on the form. You can hover over the information icon to get more direction on the fields.

Once everything is filled out, you can press Save, and the item is now in your inventory.