How will I be able to communicate with the Client?

You can send Clients SMS messages and e-mails directly from Provet Cloud. You have the option to send reminders of appointment bookings, vaccination reminders, consultation support, or things such as campaign offers for selected clients. The feedback form is sent to client by e-mail accompanied with consultation information after each visit. This enables you to better track customer satisfaction and improve your service.

How can I create and manage users in Provet Cloud?

You can manage organization, department or users in Settings. The organization is the legal company, and the department is the subsidiary location of the company. If you have single practice please fill both.

The information entered in department settings will be used on the printed invoice or sending messages to clients. Please double check that the information you enter here is correct.

Individual users may be given rights as administrator, manager, and user, and separately have access to reports.


How can I Add, Change or Deactive Department or Users?

You can manage organization, department, or users in Settings. The organization is the legal company, and the department is the subsidiary location of the company. The information entered in department settings will be used on the printed invoice as recipient details and in reporting. Please double check that the information you enter here is correct. Individual users may be given rights as administrator, manager, and user, and separately have access to reports.

SMS sender in department settings is the signature on the SMS message that you may send to clients from the consultation.

How can I import data to Provet Cloud?

You can import data in Settings, Import data. Please input your data to xls file for the import.

Please contact support under ? in Provet Cloud in case of questions.

How can I send SMS to a Client?

You can send SMS directly from Clients’ information – Clients & Patients, Search Client.

Select the Client you want to send SMS, write the text and send.

Please remember to input the sender information in Settings, Department Settings, SMS name. Maximum length for the sender name is 10 characters.

Who can access my data?

Limited Access

Your data is in a separate database. Other than people authorized by you from the user management section, only our technicians have access to information when solving possible unexpected situations in your Provet Cloud.

Where is my data stored?

Daily Backups and Backups of Backups

We store backups of your data within our company-owned hosting infrastructure in Finland. All data is stored on multiple servers in multiple locations.

How is my data secured?

Separate databases, full encryption

Each company’s data in Provet Cloud is stored in a separate database. This avoids any risk of unwanted leaks into another company’s database. All information is encrypted with secure HTTPS connection – the same method used in online banking.

How can I start using Provet Cloud?

Provet Cloud is in principle a web application which requires no software installation on your computer. It can be reached at anytime, anywhere you have Internet connectivity.

Upon login, you are required to enter your e-mail address as your login name and your password. If you have forgotten your password, click the link to get a new password by e-mail.

How can I change the company logo on the invoice?

You can change the company logo and coloring in department settings. The information input in department settings will be shown on the invoice. PNG format is preferable. The program will automatically update the appropriate resolution for the purpose.

How can I get support?

There are multiple ways to ask support from the Provet Cloud Team: You may click the question mark in the lower right corner and write a chat message to our team. An answer is sent back with the same channel. You may also try to find answers to your questions from Questions and Answers in You may also want to call the support lines, which may be found at

If you have any questions, you may also get in touch with us via email at support at

Online support may require remote connection to your computer. We run TEAM VIEWER ( to allow Provet Cloud support personnel to remotely manage your Provet Cloud account. Use of the program is free of charge.

How to access Provet Cloud from outside the practice?

In general, size of tablet is recommended as the smallest device screen size for optimal usability.

To access Provet Cloud with a mobile tablet or laptop, please write down your provet account web page – to your mobile browser.  XX represents the number you see on your Provet Cloud web page instead of XX. Press Enter. You will be directed to login page.

In case you decided to use mobile phone, please open the new page to new window for improved view.

How could I skip Admittance directly to Consultation?

Admittance is intended to fill the need of pre-information so that the veterinary can start treating the patient immediately. In case such pre-information is not needed you may enter the Consultation directly from Dashboard Scheduled appointments. On the right hand side you can see the symbol of Consultation. Double click and Consultation is started.

How can I find my own appointments easily?

You are able to search and filter the appointments on dashboard by veterinarian and with the status of the client process – registered, in consultation, ready for discharge and paid.

For example receptionist may have all vets and registered patients filtered to check the next clients to consultation or those marked ready for discharge to prepare needed materials for payment and discharge.

Veterinarians may filter their own stationary patients or upcoming appointments and supporting staff may want to check the clients coming in to consultations to prepare the operations rooms and materials ready for the treatment.

Can I change consultations after the invoice is finished?

In principle changing consultation content is not recommended. When the consultation is finished and client paid the invoice and received the home treatment advice, changing consultation is grounded only when additional information not available during consultation is added. This considers for example completing clinical notes, adding laboratory results received from external laboratories and finalizing diagnoses based on this information. Items that would increase the invoice sum are not allowed to be added to a closed consultation.

You may allow editing of finalized invoices by an acknowledged decision with a modification of settings. Go to Settings ->General -> Department Settings, where you can find Allow editing of finalized consultations ->set this True to allow editing and Days finalized consultations are editable ->set here the number of days you allow the editing – for example the estimated time of external laboratory results received.

All changes are recorded with timestamp and modifier information.


Why should I offer appointment booking online?

Online booking enables your clients to make appointment reservations online, even when your clinic is closed or your telephone line is busy. Online reservations of appointments will serve both your clients and you, as you may dedicate more time to other tasks. It is also a way to attract more clients.

You decide, which services or treatments will appear in your online booking. You choose the time slots, for which your practice will be available for online bookings.
You can also add treatment specific instructions to inform your clients about how to prepare for the appointment – for example deworming prior to vaccinations.
You will get a notification, when an online appointment has been made by a client. See more at online booking .

How do I manage my subscription?

You are able to manage your subscription in the Provet Cloud Settings. See the options here .

You decide what kind of plan you need on monthly level. In case your monthly consultation amounts are reaching the limits, you will be notified on the dashboard.

How can I add weekend allowance?


You can add weekend allowance in Settings > General > Department settings. Select the days which you want to add allowance – often for example Saturdays and Sundays or night shift – set the % you want to add on the procedure price. The % will be automatically added when consultation is within the set rules.

Provet Cloud   SettingsRates

How can I import data to Provet Cloud?

Data Import and Export

There is a possibility for exporting data into an Excel sheet in the Settings section.  If you wish to export data for local backup or financial purposes, it can be done in settings in the export data section. There are also many possibilities to export data directly from Reports and for example Day Report for book keeping.

Importing data such as patient and client data or sales items may be imported from excel: Import: Import data to Provet Cloud

How can I delete a consultation?

Generally it is not recommended to delete consultations. However, sometimes accidentally entered consultations may need to be cleared from the dashboard.

1. First allow deleting a started consultation setting  : Go to Settings > General settings > Department settings > select Allow deleting a started consultation setting

2. Go to dashboard and open the consultation you need to delete. Delete all items if any in the consultation.

3. Select Tools  > Delete consultation

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Note: Only Administrator users are allowed to delete a consultation