Large animal veterinarians often treat several patients during the visit to a farm or stable.

To ease up adding a large amount of animals to a farm and herd it is possible to add animals as a group entry. You can also tag the herd to easily search the herd for specific animals needing treatments.

First search or add the Client who is the owner of the animals. Open the Client file and click the small arrow beside the +Patient button. Select Add multiple patients.

animal group entry

Add the patients. First select how many patients you want to add from the drop-down menu. Add the patient, gender, species, breed and the patient birth date. You are able to copy the species, breed, and date of birth from the blue down facing arrow to the lines below. Tag the herd for the group. You will be able to search the herd with the tag in Clients & Patients extended search later and the herds are clearly visible in the Patient list.



herd management