The preview view

When you have chosen and mapped all the fields to be imported, then the importer simulates the whole process before it actually creates any new objects to your Provet Cloud. This is done so that all possible errors can be shown and corrected beforehand. However, if the data set (number of rows in an excel file) is big, it may take a long time to do the simulation, and it will fail if it takes too long. This is an unfortunate bug that has not been fixed as of this publication. In the below example, we show a successful Client update.


The total number of errors is are displayed, plus the specific failed rows are shown at the top of the page. In the picture below the problematic column is microchip: the field is incorrectly a number and the value is stored as an exponential number. There is also a small “i” next to failed microchip. Hover the mouse over it to display the error. In this case, the error would read “Ensure this value has at most 15 characters (it has 17)”. In this case, you would need to edit the data source file and do the upload again.

8 import


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