Background & general concept

Connecting laboratory instruments to your Provet Cloud gives you and your clinic several advantages: automated connections speed up the work at the clinic, makes saving of the results to patient records error-free and this way enables higher quality of care for your pets.

idexx-vetlab-station-mainIDEXX Vetlab Station (IVLS) is a laboratory information management system created by IDEXX. It allows you to connect to one or more IDEXX analysers, such as LaserCyte, ProCyte Dx, Catalyst Dx and LaserCyte Dx. IDEXX Vetlab Station can be further connected to the Provet Cloud with bi-directional communication:

  1. You can make a laboratory requisition from Provet Cloud, which sends the information of owner, patient and requested tests to the IDEXX Vetlab Station
  2. Results from the IDEXX Vetlab Station are automatically transferred to the patient records of your Provet Cloud as soon as they are ready.

This tutorial guides you through the process required to set up this communication. Some parts of this tutorial are quite technical, and some knowledge of network set-up and software installations is required. You need to be able to do following steps:

  • Adjust some network connections (network cables & switch may be required)
  • Adjust some settings of the IDEXX VetLab Station
  • Install software to one of the clinic’s computers (this computer must be running a Windows operating system)

We recommend that with the network setup you consider getting help from your local IT company. This may require a local visit to your clinic. You can always also contact Provet Cloud support to arrange this help for you as consultancy work.

1. Set up the network connections

IDEXX VetLab Station Devices need to be in the same network with clinic’s computers. Quite often this is not the case, especially if the IDEXX devices haven’t been previously connected to the previous practice management system of your clinic.  Usually the devices (a Dell computer and one or more analysers) are just connected together with a switch or router. In order to make the Provet Cloud connection work, you may need to connect the IDEXX devices to the same network as your clinic’s normal computers.  This is required to be done in order to get the IDEXX VetLab Station to communicate with one of your normal Windows computers, where the connectivity software will be installed.

Idexx Vetlab Station network connectivity for veterinary software

Note: If these network settings do not sound familiar to you at all, please request assistance from a IT specialist, or from Provet Cloud support team.

2. Software install to one of the clinic’s computers

When the IDEXX IVLS computer & laboratory analyser(s) are connected to the same network and settings are up to date on the IDEXX system, you need to install two software packages to one of the clinic’s Windows computers (Any Windows version from Windows 7 to 10 is ok). When choosing the computer for the software installation, please note, that this computer is required to be always on & running this software, when the clinic is open. This software installed to this computer handles the communication between the IDEXX system and Provet Cloud.

The software packages required for installation are called IDEXX InterLink and IDEXX InterLink Cloud Plugin (ICP).  These two software programs can be downloaded from the folllowing direct download links:

Install both of the software applications using the usual installation method. While installing InterLink, answer Yes when the installer asks “Do you want to integrate this software with your IDEXX VetLab Station?”. Give “Provet” as the name of the connectivity. Leave all path settings default. (More specific install instructions by IDEXX)

interlink-setup interlink-setup2

Install Interlink Cloud Plugin next. Follow the installer process. Leave path settings as default.


When you have installed both of the applications, start Interlink Cloud Plugin and set up the settings there. The Interlink Cloud Plug-In settings can be found from the “Settings” tab.

First, you will need the URL addresses and the password from your clinic’s Provet Cloud. Log in to the Provet Cloud with an account that has administrator rights. Go to the “Settings” -> “Integrations” and switch on the “IDEXX VetLab Statsion connection” at the settings. Choose a password (and save it somewhere for your records).  Copy and paste the URL addresses shown for the service URLs in the Provet Cloud to the fields in the InterLink Cloud Plug-In.  Use the same password for both of the password fields.


Remember to check also the “Autostart” box. Then click “Save Settings”. Your software installs are now ready.

Note: remember to keep this computer on and the programs running on this computer. Let everyone working at the clinic know this is the computer handling the communication to the IDEXX analysers, and it needs to be always on when clinic is open.   Following screenshot illustrates how these tray icons look like.

Image showing tray icons

3. Set up the IDEXX VetLab Station for connectivity

The following three steps describe the settings adjustments required to enable the practice management system connectivity in your VetLab Station. These steps are to be done by using the touch screen interface of the IDEXX Vetlab Station computer.

3.1. Open settings from the main menu screen

Click “Settings” button to open the settings of the IVLS.

IDEXX VetLab Station - settings

3.2. Set up the Practice Management settings of IVLS

Go to the “Practice Management” tab of the settings and select option ”Other.”  Set “Requisition ID” to “Display” (You may also select Required, it will mean that you need to input the Requisition ID always, including when starting a new analysis manually). Requisition ID is required to match the results correctly in Provet Cloud.

IDEXX VetLab Station - software
Make sure the “Network Connection” is selected. Click “Configure” after this text. The following screen opens. Make sure that “Auto-Connect” is selected. Enter “Provet” to the “Integration Name” box.

IDEXX VetLab Station - Practice management software3.3. Save settings & restart

Click OK to all of the open screens and click ”Home” to return to the main screen. Confirm to save the modified settings. When you return to the home screen, you should now have on the left hand side ”Pending” and ”Census” lists. New requests from Provet Cloud will appear to the Pending list.

When the settings are ready, restart the system from the ”Shut down” menu. When the system has restarted, you should see the Provet icon at the bottom of the screen next to your laboratory analysers.

IDEXX VetLab Station - reboot

3.4 Setup process as video

4. Mark desired laboratory tests as IDEXX VetLab Station tests

Now your network and software installations are ready for use.

There is still one thing left: your Provet Cloud system needs to know which ones of your laboratory tests are meant to be processed with the IDEXX VetLab Station. When logged in as the administrator, first go to the Settings > Items & Lists > Items. Search for the laboratory analysis you want sent to your IVLS.  Edit this item, and check the box “IDEXX VetLab Station analysis”. Do the same for all the analyses you want sent to the IVLS.


5. Test the connectivity

cloud_lab_resultsStart a new consultation to your Provet Cloud for one of your test patients (create a new one, if you don’t have a patient you could use as a test patient).

Add one or more of the IDEXX-connected laboratory tests for this patient.

Check your IDEXX VetLab station screen: in about 30 seconds you should see this patient info on the pending list at the left hand side of the screen. By clicking that row, you can start analysing this sample.

When the results area ready, they will be automatically sent to the Provet Cloud. If the animal species is known, you should also have the reference ranges available in the Provet Cloud.  If the result is outside of the reference range, the result will be shown in red colour. If there are results coming from the IVLS which do not already have matching rows for the patient, new rows with zero prices are created for these results.

Connecting IDEXX VetLab Station to Provet Cloud is now ready.