Label printer integration is available in Pro and Premium subscriptions.

You are able to connect a label printer directly to Provet Cloud and print medicine labels or labels for Client and Patient. You will be able to request information and order the Dymo 450 label printer (supported label size 89mm x 36mm) with the Provet Cloud connection by sending an e-mail to or contacting one of the sales phone numbers.

See video here.

There is also an alternative way to connect to label printers via Windows program. Click link here.


1. Setup the label printer wire connections:

label printer setup


2. Setting the label printer into use in Provet Cloud:

Go to Settings > General > Integrations > Enable label printing > Save


3. Create and edit customised label prints

You will be able to create and edit customised labels for the printer from Settings > Integrations > Label printing > Label templates > Add.

label printing


Placeholders for automated text collection from the consultation notes are possible. Add double brackets [[ to start the selection of the placeholders. Close the field with opposite double brackets ]]


label printer


4. Print labels

Printing is done in the Patient file for a Patient name label, Client file for a Client name label, Laboratory orders for Laboratory labels and in the Consultation when adding Medicine information, see example below. Usage type for medicine is selected Dispensed and Print medicine label ticked.



The only supported label size for Provet Cloud printing is 89mm x 36mm (



Provet Cloud_What to do when your label printer goes offline