• Klarna instore payments gives your customers an intuitive choice of ways to pay
  • Klarna instore payments integration is available for Provet Cloud subscription levels Pro and Premium in the countries where Klarna services are available (currently Sweden, Norway and Finland). To enable the functionality in Provet Cloud you also need to have Klarna Instore payment agreement done with Klarna.
  • All Klarna Instore settings are merchant and department specific.

Create the settings

  1. Contact Klarna for the instore payments agreement and your Merchant ID. Also agree if you will use Refunding of Instore orders. They require a separate agreement with Klarna.
  2. Enable Klarna Instore integration in Settings > General > Integrations > Klarna Instore > Edit
  3. Select Enable Klarna Instore, Add your Merchant ID and shared secret received from Klarna. If applicable select also “Allow refunding verified Instore orders”

Add Klarna Instore as a payment method

  1. Go to Settings > General > Organisation > Payment methods > +Add Klarna Instore Payments
  2. Also check (Settings > General > Organisation) that the currency is set correctly SEK for Sweden, NOK for Norway and EUR for Finland
  3. Check that the country of the department is set to Sweden, Norway or Finland respectively (Settings > General > Department > Country)

Use Klarna Instore payments for paying invoices

Finalize the invoice. Select the option “Finalize – Not yet paid”

  1. The client selects Klarna as a payment method and gives their personal mobile phone number.
  2. The sales person adds the client’s mobile phone number into the modal opening.
  3. Click Send payment link to client -button.
  4. The client receives a text message (SMS), clicks the link provided in the message and finalizes the payment in Klarna Checkout
  5. A payment confirmation is sent to Provet Cloud. Payment is done and can be marked paid!



Types of Instore Order requests that can be made from Provet Cloud to Klarna’s system from the invoice view

  • Create an Order: this means creating an Instore invoice payment in Provet, and the payment’s information gets sent to Klarna’s Checkout system, where our customer’s client then makes the actual payment after receiving an SMS with a login link to the Checkout system. Once a payment is made in Klarna Checkout, a separate Klarna invoice is created for the customer. The id of the Klarna invoice and the id of the Klarna order are returned to Provet Cloud for refund and order cancellation purposes.
  • Cancel an Order: when information about the Instore payment has been sent to Klarna from Provet, and the payment is showing as “pending” in Provet, it can be cancelled using the small red “Abort” button next to the pending Instore payment. When the payment/order is cancelled at the pending phase, the client will not be able to finalize the payment in the Klarna Checkout system. An Instore order/payment can also be cancelled even after the client has paid it in the Checkout system, and the payment has not been verified in Provet Cloud. Cancelling the order at this point will simply refund it to the client
  • Refund an Order: when an Instore payment has been verified in Provet Cloud, and it’s showing as a normal invoice payment, it can be partially or fully refunded with a small “Refund” button next to the payment, if and only if Klarna and our customer have agreed, that the customer has the possibility to send refund requests to Klarna. Provet will create a negative payment on the invoice once a refund has been accepted by the Klarna system. If the invoice is a credit note, then a negative payment will already exist, and no additional payments are created in Provet, but the refund request will still succeed normally.

Simplified payment worklow

  • there will be a button “Klarna Instore payment” next to the Card payment button, when the “Simplified payment workflow” department setting is in use
  • the user clicks the Klarna Instore payment button and the invoice will be finalized
  • after the invoice has been finalized and the invoice view has been refreshed/reloaded, the Klarna Instore payment modal dialog will show up, and the user may proceed with the same steps as with the normal worklfow

Mixed payments workflow

  • the Klarna Instore payment method will be available in the Mixed payments modal dialog, when the “Simplified payment workflow” department setting is in use
  • when the Instore payment method is used in the Mixed payments modal dialog, the Instore payment modal dialog will open automatically after the invoice has been finalized and the invoice view has been reloaded
  • the Instore modal dialog will always open after a card terminal payment modal dialog

Credit note workflow

  • when a credit note is being created, a notification will be shown about unrefunded Klarna Instore payments existing on the invoice, that is to be credited with the credit note
  • negative payments will be automatically created on the credit note after it has been finalized for the full amount of the unrefunded Instore payments
  • the “Refund” button will be shown for the negative payments on the credit note, if the refund option has been agreed between Klarna and our customer; refunds on credit notes can only be made for the full amount of the Instore orders
    • when the refund button is used and a refund is accepted by the Klarna system, no new payments are created on the credit note, but instead the existing payment will remaind and the refund button will disappear
  • the workflow is somewhat similar to Insurance claims, except for the refund possibility