This article contains brief instructions for setting up connectivity for the Dymo Labelwriter to connect with a Windows program to the Provet Cloud.  Automated label printer connectivity to Provet Cloud is available only on selected subscription levels. See for details.

1. Physical setting of the label printer

  • Insert the label roll into the printer
  • Move the label to the left side of the roll area. Use the clip to fasten to correct width.
  • Scroll label roll out  so that it is just about out from the printer

2. Dymo driver installation

The drivers for the printer may be downloaded from,. Drivers for Dymo label software v 8.6 for Windows can be found here:

  • Choose installation type “Complete”
  • Connect the device to a computer with USB cable
  • Make a test print: Devices & Printers > Dymo Label Writer > Properties > Test print
  • Adjust the the paper size (= label size) of the printer (check the type of the label from the back of the label roll, for example 99010) in Windows settings:
    Devices & Printers > Dymo Label Writer -> Properties > Preferences > Paper Size
  • Please also change the printers paper printing layout to match out your labels:
    Devices & Printers -> Dymo Label Writer -> Properties -> Preferences -> Layout

3. Adjust Provet Cloud settings

  • Log in to your Provet Cloud account as usual. Make sure your account has administrator privileges.
  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Label Printing
  • Adjust following settings:
    • Enable Label Printing > Windows Program
    • Input a desired password for the connectivity.
      Please record this password yourself, as Provet Cloud support can not see this password.

4. Install integration software

The software to automate the label printing needs to be downloaded & installed on the same computer where the printer is connected.

Please download the connectivity software from the following address:

  • Install to the default suggested folder (c:\labelprint\)
  • The program will set itself to start automatically on every boot
  • Label printer settings exampleThe first time it is opened automatically. There will appear a notification: “Printer Not Set!”
  • Adjust the settings:
    • Select the installed Dymo printer from the drop down selection
    • Automatic Printing enabled: switch this to click on
    • Service-url:  (where xxxx is number of your Provet Cloud instance)
  • Password: same as set in Provet Cloud (Settings > Integrations > Label printer)
  • Unit ID is normally 1
    (only if you have more than one physical location set up in your Provet Cloud, this may be something else than 1)
  • Make a test print by clicking “Manual Label Print” – button

5. Test printing with Provet Cloud

Labels are available in Clients (Client label),  Patients file (Patient label), in consultation when adding  dispensed medicine, or in laboratory dashboard (Laboratory label).

We recommend label size ” Dymo 99012 “.

If there are any issues with the printing size please check the instructions to set up the label size: starting from Setting up the print preferences in Windows.

In case the label does not print, recheck the Windows program is running and that the printer is shown online in Provet Cloud: Settings > Integrations > Label printing. The status of the printer should be Online to be able to print.