You may add a new appointment directly to the calendar and timeslot you wish. Just click on the time and you are guided through the booking process.

Provet Cloud Scheduling

You will input the reason for visit, duration for the reservation, type of booking, supervising veterinarian, resources needed, and client and patient information. Client is the key data point in the system. Patients are always linked to a Client.

Calendar appointments for personnel and other resources, like equipment or different treatment spaces, are visible at a glance. You can view one day, 3 days or a week at a time. For an appointment farther in the future you can change months from the left corner in the calendar.

Immediately after appointment booking, an SMS text message and/or e-mail is sent to the client as confirmation. This requires that mobile phone number and e-mail address are set in the client information. Sending automated messages is ON by default. You may edit the setting in Settings ->General Department -> Booking settings.  Automated SMS and e-mail sending does not happen in schedule changes – you need to check the box in the appointment screen to send the message.