If your client wants to have a cost estimation of the expected treatments, you are able to create an estimate easily via the “New Estimate” button directly from the dashboard. Just click the button and the estimate screen will open – you may create a client-specific estimation or a more general template to be used for the most frequent treatments. The estimation may be printed for the client and used later in consultation as the basis for the invoicing. This will reduce the need to type the same things over and over again. Using standard templates in frequent treatment procedures equalizes the quality of care and makes the documentation work more effective.

Provet Cloud - estimate


Estimate Template is added to Consultation either directly from Estimate by adding Client and Patient name and linking to existing appointment or directly in Consultation -> Treatment items -> Template button -> Select the earlier saved template and the items (All or selected) you want to include into the consultation -> Add. The selected Estimate items will appear in one click to the consultation sheet.