Online booking enables your clients to make appointment reservations online, even when your clinic is closed or your telephone line is busy. Online reservations of appointments will serve both your clients and you, as you may dedicate more time to other tasks. It is also a way to attract more clients.

You decide which services or treatments will appear in your online booking. You choose the time slots for which your practice will be available for online bookings. You can also add treatment-specific instructions to inform your clients about how to prepare for the appointment – for example deworming prior to vaccinations.

You will get a notification when an online appointment has been made by a client.

Provet Cloud online booking interface can be inserted easily to your web pages, where it will appear for clients. Appointments submitted online will become immediately visible in your Provet Cloud appointment calendar.

Try it out yourself and have a look at how it works :
Insert into the address field of your web-browser by replacing the XXX part with the number of your own Provet Cloud account. Open it and you will see the interface, which will be set into your website or Facebook page.
To set up online booking go through the following steps:
1. To set up the Online booking feature in your web pages you may ask help from your web page administrator. The set-up is very easy to do. The link to embed into your web pages can be found in Provet Cloud in Settings -> General -> Department settings -> Online booking -> Preview online booking
2. Before bookings may be done please add the reasons for visit in Settings > Items&Lists > Reasons and set it available for online booking. Set the time you want the appointment to be booked – for example, Vaccination Duration: 15 minutes or Sterilisation: 60 minutes. Then set the time frame you allow the online bookings for this procedure – for example, if you allow vaccinations all day or sterilisation between 10-14 only. If you offer specialized services which only some of the veterinarians are qualified to offer, list those veterinarians. In this , case other veterinarians will not be displayed on the list of veterinarians for this specific reason.
3. Check that when creating shifts in Appointments > Shifts, the online booking is marked as available for the people doing the treatments .