This document applies only in Estonia

It is possible to connect Ingenico iPP320 payment terminals to Provet Cloud if they have eXML enabled (see with your service provider, i.e. bank). Contact the IT administrator of your clinic and give him/her the following information. Configuring payment terminals requires special knowledge in IT systems.

  1. Fixed external IP address
    • A fixed IP address is needed to your clinic in order to keep the payment terminal always reachable at the same IP-address
    • It can be obtained from your Internet operator/provider
  2. Setup fixed internal IP address for the payment terminal in your router’s settings
    • Payment terminal must have a fixed internal IP address in order to be always reachable in local network
  3. Setup Port Forwarding in your router’s settings
    • Supported payment terminal communicates with eXML in TCP port 4445. You have to open this port and create port forwarding in your router’s settings. Please see attached image which shows a supported payment terminal!
    • For example, if clinic’s external IP address is, iPP320 should be reachable at You can map any free port for external IP address, but at payment terminal’s side port should always be 4445.
      • In general port forwarding settings should be <external IP address or clinic>:4445 (or some other port) → <internal IP address of payment terminal>:4445
    • More information about port forwarding can be found in
  4. Contact your Provet Cloud support person about the configured settings
    • Tell us your <external IP address>:<port> and we will add payment terminal to your Provet Cloud
  5. Time for testing
    • A person from the Provet Cloud Team will contact you and make some tests of the payment terminal, together with you.
    • The testing does not require the physical presence of the Provet Cloud staff, it may be done remotely.
    • If the testing goes well, you can start using your payment terminal in everyday use!Pasted image at 2016_07_14 13_45