It is possible to have prepayment from a client and use the sum in subsequent visits. Prepayment is used when the practice wants to ensure the payment of large, high-cost operations or when the client has had previous challenges in paying their invoices.

  • Note: The Prepayment is initially registered as payment without VAT tax. The VAT tax will be calculated on the invoice and registered at the moment the invoice is paid.  
  • Add prepayment for the client

    • To use Prepayment please go to Settings > General > Department > Department settings > Allow prepayment for clients

prepayment setting


  • When the setting is done you are able to able to insert the Prepayment on the Client file from the green button on the right




Paying with the Prepayment

  • When the Client who has made prepayment is the payer of the invoice there will be an automatic proposal to pay the invoice with the prepayment. If you select the OK-Pay with Prepayment the full payment is done with the prepayment.



If you do not want to pay the full amount of the invoice with Prepayment select Not Yet Paid and you will have the possibility to edit the sum of prepayment in the payment area. Once in that screen, select +Use Prepayment



The prepayment balance is visible on Client file > Select client > Prepayments

prepayment sum