Provet Cloud is a Cloud based service. You can log in from anywhere from any device (tablet, laptop or computer, even a smartphone with large enough display size) connected to internet with Provet Cloud. You are able to use multiple tabs or windows in the browser to use different views of Provet Cloud.

Provet Cloud DASHBOARD navigation buttons:

 icon-dashboard  Dashboard
 icon-clientpatients  Clients & Patients records, Cost Estimations, Invoices, Reminders
 icon-appointments  Appointment scheduling, Shift planning
 icon-reports  Access to various reports
 icon-settings  Access to Provet Cloud settings


 icon-narrow-wide  Toggle menu. (Narrow or widen the navigation bar area.)
icon-messages  Notifications.
icon-tasks  Tasks.
icon-search  Supersearch.
icon-inappmessenger  In-App Messenger

The Status of the Patient visualised with color:

status-upcoming    passed-appointment  Upcoming – future appointment / Appointment time passed
status-admitted  Admitted – Registered at the practice
status-consultation  Consultation – under Veterinarian treatment
status-waiting  Waiting for Discharge – Ready for payment
status-discharged  Discharged – invoiced, invoice not fully paid yet
status-paid  Invoice paid – invoice fully paid



admit-to-consultation-icon  Admit to consultation
ongoing-consultationended-consultation  Ongoing / ended consultation
 open-invoicefully-paid-invoice  Open / Fully paid invoice
 edit-icon icon-edit-settings  Edit
 cancel  Cancel the action
icon-add  Add
icon-view  View
 icon-trash  Trash bin
history-button  Access to Patient history
 icon-send-to-patient  Save as a note
 icon-hospital  Hospital patient
icon-referred-patient  Referred patient
 icon-additional-information  Additional information
link-to-patient  Link (click to enter)
package-price-item  Package item
linked-item  Items linked to the article
 linked-item2  Linked to another article
attachment-connected  Attachment linked to the article
tag  Tags may be connected to client, patient and invoice to notify the user  (eg. unpaid invoices, first time client), group patient or client (eg.  frequent client, diabetes patient or herd number) or mark invoices.
  connect-to  Click the ? to connect patient or veterinarian to the item