Scheduling (Basics)

Click on the Calendar icon at the left:

Go to Shifts

Select your name from the search bar at the left:

Click on Workday (or the type of time that you are scheduling):





  1. Now using the slider bar set your shift hours. In this case, 8:30-17:00
  2. If you are going to take a lunch break, make sure you tick off the Break box, and another slider bar will appear for you to select your break time.
  3. Have Appointments checked, and if you do online bookings from your website (via Provet Cloud), you can also check Online booking.


If you will be working different hours, you’ll need to set them with the slider bar, same steps as mentioned for setting the shifts. You can set up to 4 different shift times (click More under the second slider bar), just select the one you are scheduling, then click in the day that you want that schedule t




If you are in month view, this makes things easier, as you simply click on the day that you want to have that schedule for, and it inserts the schedule. You can click the entire week, then if every week will be the same, you can use the Copy Week function to copy the week, rather than clicking each day for the entire month.

When you select this button, you’ll get this dialog window:

Fill out the information as it asks for it, and press Save. This allows you to copy a sequence of days scheduled (and those not scheduled) and copy that same schedule for however many weeks you want it to be repeated.

For example, I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So I am off Tuesday and Sunday. I can copy a shift from Monday – Sunday, then have the start day for the following Monday, repeat 4 times, and it will repeat that shift, including the days off, for 4 following weeks.

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