Provet Cloud enables you to connect directly to the leading diagnostic imaging equipment and releases you from typing the patient information over and over again.

You are able to administrate the settings to connect to diagnostic imaging equipment like digital x-ray or MRI. Connections are available for the leading diagnostic imaging providers. The name of the equipment, DICOM title, list format and callsign are some of the information needed for setting up connection from Provet Cloud. In addition you will need to have the connecting software available from the equipment provider.

For automatic high-quality image sending an additional PACS solution is required (see The PACS module is an add-on module for Provet Cloud. The PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) module enables imaging devices (e.g. CR, MRI, US) from your clinic to send all the images automatically to our Cloud PACS, allowing you to view images online directly from Provet Cloud with a standard web browser.

The standard version of Provet Cloud enables you to order diagnostic image directly from Provet Cloud from the x-ray for example without the need to input the patient information to the x-ray. To send .jpg quality images to Provet Cloud see guidance at or drag and drop to Patient file Communication and Notes section by +Add > Drop the files here to download.

Please contact Provet Cloud support personnel for further guidance.

Provet Cloud - Diagnostic imaging