You can manage your subscription for Provet Cloud in Settings > Subscription

Provet Cloud   Settings Subscription


First select Provet Cloud Subscription. There you can see your current plan and its status, next payment date and the number of text messages available in the service. Please note: Input your EU VAT number outside Finland to receive VAT 0% invoice in Settings > Organisation settings. In the following examples prices are exemplary and include VAT. The correct subscription costs are always visible on your own Provet Cloud subscription sheet.

Here you can also purchase additional SMS (text messages) to communicate via mobile with your clients in case the amount included in the subscription is not sufficient.


Provet Cloud   SettingsSubscription_PC


Upgrading your plan during an ongoing plan period upgrades your subscription immediately and the days left in the ongoing plan will be deducted in the subscription fee of the new plan.

If you want to downgrade your plan for the coming period, for example due to low season, your current plan is changed to new plan at the end of the period and the new plan is then started at the new price.

Provet Cloud   SettingsSubscriptionUpgrade


In case you did not have your credit card information set yet, you will be requested to input your credit card information. Solinor Payment Highway handles Provet Cloud subscription payments on a secure connection.

On the page you will be able to check the billing information, next payments and past invoices. You will receive a copy of the invoice to your e-mail when the payment is completed.


Provet Cloud   SettingsSubscriptionPaymentNoCard


When you click the Add new card you will be directed to Solinor Payment Highway payment service.

Payment Card Information


The users with Administrator rights see the notifications when the subscription needs updating either in terms of upgrading the plan or a recurring payment or SMS balance is coming close to ending. You can upgrade the plan and purchase more SMS just by clicking the links.