Swedish law requires that receipts of all anonymous sales need to be sent to the tax authorities. User can acquire additional software module for Provet Cloud to process the anonymous sales. This service is powered by greengate online.

If a swedish clinic does not engage in anonymous sales, Provet Cloud allows blocking anonymous sales via settings. Clinic is also free to use a separate Point Of Sale system to process anonymous countersales but Provet Cloud will not bear any responsibility of the functions in the separate system.


For details about pricing and acquiring the integration please contact Provet Cloud swedish sales contact or Provet Cloud support.


This integration requires every clinic/department in your Provet Cloud system using this integration to acquire a receipt printer that can be integrated with Provet Cloud. Our regular start up package includes this type of printer preconfigured.

Workstations used as a point of sale/cash register can use any operating system as long as they are running an up to date version of a web browser. Please check our support page for browsers we are recommending to be used with Provet Cloud.

All point of sales need to be setup in Provet Cloud and registered with the swedish tax authority when the usage begins. Provet Cloud allows assigning a cash register to a new computer/browser if clinic needs to replace old hardware but the system does not allow running the same point of sale on two computers at the same time.

Operating manual

First steps

Connect the star printer with Provet Cloud. If you have acquired a pre configured device you do not have to do anything besides connect it to the power outlet and to the internet with an ethernet cable. If you have acquired the device separately or want to setup additional printers yourself, please view our support article which shows how to integrate star receipt printers with Provet Cloud and setup the device.

After the integration has been activated for your system please check the next section on how to assign your computer/browser as the point of sale.

After you have assigned a reception computer/browser to act as a cash register, it is recommended that you make a test sale to just to see that the integration is able to fetch the receipt control codes and is able to print out the receipt. you can make a credit note for this sale to revoke it. please note that the credit note receipt needs also to be printed and sent to the fiscal system.

Assigning Cash register to a workstation

Reqular users do not have access to view or assign cash registers. This step needs to be performed by a superuser or a normal user who has these additional permissions set on his or her account. After Provet Cloud support has enabled a cash register administration users can view the cash registers in Provet Cloud’s integration settings. All cash registers for the selected department are listed in the settings view.


To assign a cash register into a workstation login to Provet Cloud on the cash register workstation, navigate to the Cash register list in the settings and press the button to register the workstation. This will store the registration information to the browser. if the registration information is lost or the workstation is replaced with another one this step can be redone. Two workstations cannot act as the same cash register. If the cash register is reassigned to another machine the previous workstation is no longer recognized as the cash register. The physical cash register workstations need to be marked with the official manufacturing number.

Other settings related to the fiscal system

The business id (organisations nummer) needs to be set for the department (settings>department). Anonymous sales must be allowed. Set all company information in the department specific settings (clinic’s address, phone number etc). most of these are printed on the receipts.

Creating anonymous sale

Open the countersale view on the dashboard.


Countersale allows also to choose a client from the registry. if a client is chosen the sale will be considered as an invoice and will not be sent to the fiscal system.

Select the products and finalize the sale after ensuring that all products are chosen and other informations (eg. discounts) are added correctly. Only the workstation that is assigned as a cash register can finalize anonymous counter sales.

Add one or more payments to the countersale. After the sale has been fully paid Provet will open a dialog offering to send the receipt to fiscal system and print it after that. You can also manually press the print button to open the same dialog.


After sending the printout is directly sent to the receipt printer. Copy of the receipt may be produced by clicking the print button again. The system will only allow printing/sending one original and one copy of the sale.

Viewing X and Z reports


Press the ‘end of day’ button on the dashboard. in the opening view choose ‘Swedish X and Z reports’. The view will display the X report for the chosen cash register. The X report can be closed at any time to produce the Z report. Provet Cloud will not automatically produce the Z report. it is recommended to create a Z report at the end of day or at the change of workshifts.


Viewing the electric journal

Navigate to Reports>Swedish electric journal. Choose the Cash register and the timespan.


The receipt printer uses a common 80mm thermal receipt paper which is commonly available. we include a few rolls in our startup package. for the best prices on new receipt paper rolls we recommend a local store or a supplier.

If you would like to setup more receipt printers yourself please consult our support article for compatible models and how to set them up. If the device acquired through us breaks down please contact us to see if the device still has warranty left.

Changes to normal operations

The Cash register must be chosen for all payment types that are accepted by the reception desk (eg. cash, card, vouchers etc). Consultation invoices and countersales for a Client are not sent to the fiscal system but a cash register must be chosen for all previously mentioned payment types so that these payments can be shown on the X and Z reports.

Provet Cloud’s end of day report is still available but the users should take out the Z-report daily or after workshift changes. X and Z reports will only display anonymous sales and payments that affect the cash register.

Troubleshooting and Exception Cases

Case 1:

Error when sending the receipt to the fiscalsystem

  1. Try the sending/printing again. If resending did not work. Continue these instructions ahead and notify your Superuser and/or Provet Cloud support at your earliest convenience.
  2. Return the payment to the customer and negate the payment in Provet Cloud. If this was a card payment and clinic is using a card terminal integration with Provet Cloud consult the manuals on how to perform a card payment refund.
  3. Provet Cloud will not allow the cash register to finalize another anonymous sale before this one has been processed. Create a credit note for the sale, crediting the whole sale.
    1. Navigate to the original sale and use the credit note as a payment to negate the original sale and the credit note.
    2. When the system is back online send the receipt of the sale and the receipt of the credit note. New anonymous sales can be finalized after this.

Case 2:

After finalization client decides not to buy some of the products of the invoice (only partially paying the invoice).

  1. Make a credit note of the sale (partially crediting the original sale)
  2. Add the number of products being credited
  3. Finalize the credit note
  4. Navigate back to the original sale and use the credit note as a payment for the return amount.
  5. Receive the Client’s payment for the end sum.
  6. Send/print the receipt of the original sale and the receipt of the credit note.

Case 3:

Anonymous sale is cancelled after finalization (eg. the client decides not to buy the products). The finalized sale needs to be closed.

  1. Make a credit note of the sale. Crediting the entire sale.
  2. Navigate back to the sale (anonymous invoice) and use the credit note as payment for the whole sale. This marks the original sale and credit note as paid.
  3. Send/print both receipts, the original sale and negative credit note invoice

Case 4:

Provet cloud shows an error ‘this computer is not designated as the cash register’ in counter sale view

  1. check that you are indeed using the computer that is designated as the point of sale (eg reception computer)
  2. If the cash register computer has been swithed. Perform the Point of sale registration for the new computer (part 4)
  3. if adding anonymous sales has worked on that computer before, check the following:
        1. You have not logged on to the local computer as a different user than was previously used (Browsing data is stored under a local user)
        2. You have not used a different browsers on the computer (switch back to the one that was originally registered as the Point of sale)

4. redo the Point of sale registration in Provet Cloud settings>Integrations This has to be done from the computer that will act as the point of sale/cash register and requires the Provet Cloud user to have permissions to access the settings.