You are able to assign, receive and manage tasks for the users in selected Provet Cloud subscriptions.  Please check at whether your subscription enables tasks.

  1. Assigning task
  • Open the task functions by tapping your own name on the right upper corner and select Communication > Tasks >  + New task                                   Assign task
  • You can also assign tasks directly from the Client or Patient sheet, Consultation or Invoice view by clicking the Task icon on top of the screen > New Task.
  • Assign task

The Client and Patient data as well as supervising veterinarian will be copied to the relevant task fields.

Assign Task

2. Manage tasks

The tasks are edited and managed in the Tasks view. You can mark tasks with the star to highlight the importance of the task or reassign the task to another person from the Veterinarian field. You can change the due date or mark the tasks done. Filter tasks by clients or patients and the task owner.

Manage tasks

The tasks which are marked Done will be filed in the Clients and Patients file in the Notes & Communication area.