This document will show how the user can use the Viivi telemedicine feature to conduct a video consultation with a remote client/patient.


Go to Settings > Department > enable the setting Viivi telemedicine enabled

Once enabled, the buttons for the Viivi telemedicine links will be displayed in the following places: the New appointment screen, the appointment details seen when editing an appointment, and in the consultation’s General info section.

Using the Viivi telemedicine feature

You’ll find the Viivi telemedicine actions in the screens that follow. In each of these screens you can send or resend the links to the virtual consultation, or open the virtual consultation.

When making an appointment:

When editing an appointment:

And in the consultation window (under General info):

The client receives an SMS message that looks like this:

The SMS message contains a link for accessing the virtual consultation by browser (on a laptop or desktop computer) and iPhone, or through the application (on Android).

The email message contains the same information, as well as the clinic information:

The Viivi telemedicine icon will show on appointments that have had the link sent to them. If the icon does not appear, edit the appointment to (re)send the telemedicine links and save the appointment again.

Activating the Viivi telemedicine consultation

From inside the consultation, select the Open telemedicine view button and the Viivi telemedicine ‘room’ will open in a separate tab.

Note: There are some known issues with connections where one user is using an iPhone. We are working on these, just be aware that there could be connection quality issues.

If the client hasn’t connected yet, the window will show your camera view in the lower-left corner and a dialogue box will appear showing the time waiting for the other party to connect. If the client signs on before you do, they will see the same information, with their camera view in the lower-left corner.

Currently, this beta version still has some Finnish showing in some places. This will soon be replaced with the client interaction language that is set in your Provet Cloud.

Once both parties are logged in, they will each have their respective camera views: the clinic side will show the client/patient in the larger view, and their own camera broadcast in the smaller circle in the left-hand corner. The client will see the clinic/veterinarian in their main window, with their own broadcasted image in the lower-left corner circle.

Once both parties have connected, the vet and client can conduct the session as they see fit. There is a chat option which is useful if the sound is poor, or to write down complex names and instructions for better understanding. Since both parties disconnect at the same time and the chat window automatically closes, please copy any important information before ending the session.

As Provet Cloudcurrently doesn’t provide the means to record the session, we recommend that the user can download and use any number of 3rd party software applications that are available to record the session until such time as we make it available within Provet Cloud or the Viivi application.

At this time, Provet Cloud doesn’t provide the means to record the session. However, we do recommend that the user can download and use any number of 3rd party software applications that are available to record the session until such time as we make it available within Provet Cloud or the Viivi application.

When the call is complete, the parties can select the phone icon to disconnect from the call. When one party hangs up, the other is also disconnected.

At this time, we have not finalised pricing on this feature, but we expect it to be inline with the per-user costs of our other additions. For now, while this is in beta, we are providing the feature at no cost through the end of May 2020.

While the use of this feature doesn’t require any specialised equipment other than the ability to connect to the internet, receive and transmit video/audio, we recommend the use of two monitors for optimal efficiency, as this allows the video to be broadcast on one screen, while the vet can add notes to Provet Cloud in another screen.

Client-side information:

The Viivi application works on both Android and iOS with a few slight differences. Currently, the links sent from Provet Cloud behave as follows:

SMS messages

  • Contain both a URL and a room (PIN) number
  • The URL will open in the Viivi application on an Android phone.
  • The URL opens in a browser when clicked on the iOS phone and will not function properly.
  • The Viivi application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App store (Apple iOS)
  • Once the application is downloaded, the PIN code is the same as the room ID in the text message.
  • One the PIN/room number is entered, the user will be automatically connected to the room and the video will start once both parties are connected.